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Virtual Assistant

With so many companies operating mostly, or even entirely online, many digital helpers employ help to ensure operational and administrative tasks are accomplished. It is no wonder. Such employees are “independent contractors, who provide administrative, artistic, and technical services to several customers in a variety of industries (from a remote location, usually at home or office).” Although there are significantly different virtual assistant workplaces, roles include email collection, emails replies, company documents creation and distribution, reaction to media and business inquirys, content creation and more.

Medical Transcriptionist

While many clinical transcripters work in hospitals or doctor’s offices, many people can work at home or at their choice. Since the functions of a monitor, desk or earpiece are the translation of a recorded clinical dictation, the only requirements are normally the post-secondary program for medical transcription.

Web Developer

If you take advantage of the many online free training opportunities, it is relatively easy to build your own Website. However, many people are not prepared or do not have the time to build their own websites, so there are many people who make websites and blogs for others for a living income.

Travel Agent

Although demand is expected to decline in the next decade, there are still opportunities for tourist officers who can use the Internet to help attract customers and plan their adventures.

Freelance Writer

Writers are needed more than ever for the formulation of news articles, content creation and creative ideas that fill the Internet pages of virtually all sites. And although many major sites have in-house authors, an increasing number of sites are expanding and hiring free authors and creators of content. Writing is beneficial, but it’s energy, determination and the ability to find a unique angle to what is happening every day to get going. To get employed, you will need a solid range of work, or at least some examples to contribute to your curriculum vitae.

Social Media Manager

Almost every big company has been able to reach its customers directly and without aggressively charging for TV, print, and radio ads in the social media bus. But not all big companies have somebody to manage their social media accounts, so more people are starting to market themselves as Social Media Managers and helping companies to expand their reach and follow up online.

Data Entry

A broad range of organizations allows staff, whether these data are used to monitor inventories or orders, create business plans or measure results or outcomes, to include various information in their systems. As the most important requirements for this position are the computers and typing skills, most employees in data entry will work at home on an arrangement that suits their lives.

Call-Center Representative

Most businesses need staff who can answer the phone at all hours, help clients and process orders and manage returns. Furthermore, since more companies operate online, an increasing number of these positions are directed to home customer service employees. A computer and may require specific software or equipment is necessary to be a call center at home. A great phone tone, like any customer service, data entry, retail sales, and management experience, always helps.


Because you have to show up and build it yourself, you don’t have to become a blogger like any other homework. Worse still, for years the overwhelming majority of blogs are growing and establishing zero dollars. Blogging isn’t a lot of work in this sense. Nevertheless, writers who can build up an audience, create their own website and find a way to monetise it and start to earn income can have a huge potential. Includes partner ads, sponsored posts, Google Adsense and product sales, among other ways bloggers make money.